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This site is designed to help people that use Excel or AutoCAD.

Working in the Steel Industry, I have constructed a few programs to aid in the type of work that I do. The majority of the programs on offer, are either free or have a trial period set on them thus allowing you to try the program to decide if it suits your needs.

All of the programs available can be viewed by using the links AutoCAD or Excel.

Some of the programs on offer are completely Excel orientated and others have been constructed by combining my skills in Excel VBA and AutoCAD. When you bring these skills together it is possible to achieve some very interesting results.

The Excel programs are either designed at worksheet level but most are automated via Excel VBA to produce a UserForm. The advantage of a UserForm is it can be used by people with little or no experience in using Excel.

The AutoCAD programs are also constructed using an Excel VBA UserForm. This UserForm will allow you to change various values relating to an object. The program will then generate the script lines that can be pasted directly into the command line of AutoCAD thus automatically drawing the object for you.

Most of the programs on offer on this website are accompanied by various photos and also a YouTube video showing you how to use the program.

If you see a program you would like to download, have any questions regarding a program or require a custom program constructed then use the link "Contact Us" and leave a description of what you require.

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