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Excel has the ability to write VBA code by recording a Macro. Most (but not all) key strokes are recorded thus enabling you to automate a repetitive task. Unfortunately this method not only produces very inefficient code but is very limited regarding the tasks that you can perform.

Control your Data Input using Excel  VBA

Excel VBA Forms
Excel VBA
Excel Forms
XlsDesign Downloads

This section contains information about the various files that I have constructed.

Some files are free while others have a 7 day trial period set, after which you will need to purchase the file.

When you Contact me please state which program you require. I will forward it via email.

Excel VBA

This section outlines the services that I can provide.

Excel Trigonometry and AutoCad

Check out my channel at YouTube which hosts various videos for the files available on this site.

Excel and VBA coding solutions

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