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AutoCAD Draw Metric 2D/3D Hex Bolt (7 day trial)


This program is an Excel file that will automate the drawing process for a metric 2d or 3D hex bolt (including nut and washer) in AutoCAD. It does not show how to draw the bolt in AutoCAD.

The information is either placed on the Windows clipboard, which can then be pasted directly into the AutoCAD Command Line or you can create a Script file (.scr). The Script file can then be imported into AutoCAD.


However, if you don’t have AutoCAD but need to create a bolt for 3D printing, creating a Script file allows you to send the file to someone that does have AutoCAD. You may even find some 3D printing companies that would do this for you.


The program also allows the following options

1) Create new bolts with different nut and washer thickness.

You can alter various dimensions relating to the bolt such as the thread pitch. The only parameter you can't change is the thread angle.

2) Rename your bolt

3) Update/Save any changes you have made such as a Nut thickness

4) Delete a bolt


System Requirements:

1)  The software requires you to have a Windows operating system (Windows 7 or later). It will not run on a Mac system


2)  You must have Microsoft Excel 2010 (or later) 


3)  Excel must also be able to run VBA macros.


4)  You must have AutoCAD 2016 (or later) with Express Tools installed. It will not run on AutoCAD LT

You can request this file for a free 7 day trial 

Use the Contact button at the top of the page and state the name of this file (AutoCAD 3D Bolt)


Main Form
3D Drawing Options
Thread Profile
3D Bolt
Printed Bolt
2D Bolt

Purchase the full version (1 year License)


Upon payment the file will be sent to your PayPal email address within 24hrs

IMPORTANT: Only purchase the software if you meet the system requirements listed above.

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