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Length Cutting Optimization (7 day trial)


This program is not as advanced as true nesting software which can use several different algorithms to achieve a very accurate result.

However for most general applications this program will give you a good guide on how much material to order while keeping wastage to an acceptable minimum.



You will need Excel 2010 or later and have a basic knowledge of an Excel Worksheet.



The program calculates your results by looking at the Stock length and then...

1)  Subtracts your largest cut length.

2)  With the material off-cut that is left it then tries to fit your next largest cut length.

3)  This is repeated until no more lengths can be nested into the off-cut.

4)  If there are more lengths to be cut then the program creates a new Stock length and repeats steps 1 to 3 until all lengths have been cut




1)  The blue cells "Allowance per cut" and "Stock length" is information required. If you don’t need an allowance for each cut, delete the cell value or enter the value zero.

2)  The green and tan cell values are entered by the program when you use the button on the ribbon "Calculate Lengths". The values are replaced when a new calculation is performed.

3)  There are 3 Excel Tables. You only need to enter data into the "Data_Table". The other tables are populated by the program each time a new calculation is done.

4)  When you use the "Calculate Lengths" button any data in the Results or Information table is replaced with the new results calculated by the program.

5) The Results_Table does not include any allowance per cut values. This way the worksheet can be printed showing your true cut lengths.

6) The Information_Table shows the material left on each length. This does take into account your allowance per cut values.

7)  The program has several built-in checks to check that the data entered is numerical and that the various Tables still exist. If you use the program as designed then you will never see the associated Message Box’s for the error checks.


HOW TO USE THE CHART (MaterialChart)

The program also populates a Chart giving you a visual overview of the various cuts made on each stock length. This includes the cut allowance on the dimensions shown to prevent the off-cut showing an inaccurate value.

1) The Chart has 2 Scrollbars to control how the lengths are viewed (View more Lengths / Scroll through Lengths).

2) Set how many lengths to view (default is 10) and then use the other Scrollbar to scroll through them. If you try to view too many lengths then the Chart will become illegible.

3) There is no Worksheet protection on the Chart (as this slows down the Scrollbars) so it is advised that you do not alter any of the Charts properties.


This will clear all the data from the Data Table.

This will clear all the data from the Results and Information Table


This will clear the data from all 3 Tables

This will calculate the lengths required and place the results in the Results and Information Tables.
The Cut lengths shown in the Results Table are true cut lengths. They do not include the cut allowance. This allows you to print the Worksheet while displaying your true cut sizes.
The Material Chart is updated with the cut lengths. These lengths include the cut allowance as the Chart is only meant to be a visual aid.

Main Worksheet
Length Cutting Bar Chart

Purchase the full version (1 year License)


Upon payment the file will be sent to your PayPal email address within 24hrs

Click main Image to Enlarge

IMPORTANT: Only purchase the software if you meet the following requirements.


The software requires you to have a Windows operating system (Windows 7 or later). It will not run on a Mac system


You must have Microsoft Excel 2010 (or later) 

Excel must also be able to run VBA macros.

Excel and VBA coding solutions

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