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Excel Spreadsheet design, VBA Code development, UserForm construction, Excel Ribbon design and AutoCAD Script files.

These are the services I can provide if you are looking for an Excel solution to meet your Company objectives.


This may be by developing a new project or altering an existing one, either way you have various options regarding the level of complexity for the development.


I have provided an outline of the options available to you. I hope this will help you decide the design direction of your project.

If a previous employee has left you with a file that won't function due to it being password protected then I may be able to help.


You must be able to open the file as I can only remove passwords once the file is open. This service will only be offered for genuine lost passwords.


Excel Spreadsheet Design

Excel Spreadsheet design by XlsDesign

1) The Spreadsheet design and how it is maintained is an important factor in reducing errors.


2) If a Spreadsheet is maintained by different users, we can soon run into problems with broken formulas and missing references.


3) Cut, Copy and Paste is a common operation used to transfer information from one Workbook to another. Even this operation can cause a Workbook to become significantly larger in size as Excel can also import the Styles used and named references.

4) This is the simplest and cheapest method of developing a program.


VBA Code

Excel Vba Example by XlsDesign

1) VBA code offers you a powerful tool to increase the functionality of Excel.

2) Automation of your Spreadsheet will reduce the time you have to spend checking for errors and help produce      a consistent output.

3) VBA is available in all of the 5 main Microsoft Office programs thus making it possible to communicate with Microsoft Word and produce a document using our Spreadsheet results


Ribbon Design

Excel Ribbon Example by XlsDesign

1) Having a custom Ribbon with your program gives it a professional look.


2) Provides you instance access to the commands you require in one central location.


3) Eliminates the need to place loads of buttons on the worksheet to complete your tasks.

UserForm Design

Excel Simple UserForm by XlsDesign
Excel Search Form by XlsDesign

1) The first image is a basic Excel UserForm. You can place a background image on the Form but can’t alter the fact that we have very boring square buttons.

2) The second image shows what is possible by designing a background image and using text Labels instead of buttons. This Form also makes use of a Right Click Menu (shown on the blue part of the form) thus giving us many more options without encumbering the Form with buttons.


3) The main advantage of a Form is that you don’t have to be an Excel expert to use it.


Drawing in AutoCAD

1) Using VBA we can create drawings in AutoCAD by generating Text.


2) This text can be placed on the Windows Clipboard and then pasted directly into the CAD command line.


3) Alternatively the text can be written to Notepad and saved with the extension .scr

    This will create a permanent file which can be used by another user.

Previous Clients

Brandon Surveys

This program was designed for their Racking Inspectors to speed up data entry on site and produce various reports in Microsoft Word when they were back at the office.

I used Forms that would build themselves from a Table thus giving Brandon Surveys the ability to control the content displayed.

On site the inspectors would create shorthand notes and when back at the office my program would convert the notes into various different reports based on the criteria they required.

Testimonial from Brandon Surveys

Using the bespoke Site Notes software from XlsDesign greatly reduces the time we spend preparing reports and gives them a consistent, professional look. XlsDesign have worked tirelessly with us to write software that is not only a clear industry leader but is also flexible enough for us to be able to make certain changes without having the expense of returning to the developer. We could not be happier with the outcome and will continue to use XlsDesign for this and other projects in the future.

Martin Sawyer BSc. (Hons)
Managing Director, Brandon Surveys Limited

Excel and VBA coding solutions