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Site Notes Software for SEMA Approved Rack Inspectors

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The Site Notes Program has been designed to improve speed, consistency and accuracy of your reports. With a wide variety of data input, entering data whilst on site is both quick and easy. Back at the office, the production of reports is automated whilst keeping everything flexible so that the inspector can add their own personal touch to each report. Set up specifically for SEMA Approved Rack Inspectors, report introductions and general notes are all available and fully editable. Various reports can be generated including standard report types, materials lists in a variety of output formats and defect summaries. The program is constantly being developed by end users, making the software truly formidable with a genuine community of users involved in the industry contributing to its’ continued expansion.


✔  Bespoke ribbons set up for user for both site work and office work

✔  Fast data entry – No More Clipboards! (except for the odd occasion where handwritten notes are still preferable, e.g. freezer stores or            secure sites where electronic equipment is not allowed by the client)

✔  Generates a full suite of reports – No More Hours of Tedious Typing!

✔  Full reports (output includes Report Intros, General Notes, Specification Sheets with Itemised Inspection)

✔  Specification sheets (for pallet racking/longspan, shelving, cantilever and mezzanine floors but also editable for your own purposes)

✔  Damage only reports (Itemised inspection not including spec sheets)

✔  Serious Damage reports (RED Risks only)

✔  Monthly Inspection reports (same output as a damage only report)

✔  Materials Lists (with different outputs including to Word and Excel)

✔  Defect Summaries (Excel file)

✔  Report Intros (editable and adaptable routine but we use it for report intros)

✔  General Notes (wider health and safety considerations, options to add further categories and tailor-made selections for text, all editable)

✔  Dynamic menus to input damage with all lists editable by user without having to incur additional programmer costs

✔  Quick Lists so multiple lines of damage (Green, Amber, Red or a combination) can be added quickly, all lists editable by the user to suit             their own preference

✔  Option to add further functionality or report output (at additional cost of course!)

Available as an annual subscription, the program is a must have for all serious inspectors or organisations wishing to increase productivity. Please use the Contact Me. to ask us any questions or to take up our offer of a free 14 day trial and a special pro rata rate until the end of the year.

Brandon Surveys

Testimonial from Brandon Surveys

"Using the bespoke Site Notes software from XlsDesign greatly reduces the time we spend preparing reports and gives them a consistent, professional look. XlsDesign have worked tirelessly with us to write software that is not only a clear industry leader but is also flexible enough for us to be able to make certain changes without having the expense of returning to the developer. We could not be happier with the outcome and will continue to use XlsDesign for this and other projects in the future."

Martin Sawyer BSc. (Hons)
Managing Director, Brandon Surveys Limited

Bureau Veritas Logo.png

Testimonial from Bureau Veritas

"XlsDesign has been instrumental in providing Bureau Veritas UK Ltd’s SARI’s with an exceptional tool to increase not only productivity and efficiency whilst out on site inspecting, but also in improving the quality of our reports. Their continued customer support has been invaluable in improving the software to suit our and our clients’ needs.”

Joe Marais LFOH  |  Engineering Team Leader – Occ Hygiene & Storage Equipment

Bureau Veritas UK

Brysdales Logo.png

Testimonial from Brysdales Limited

"XlsDesign have helped us instigate and develop the use of software for storage equipment inspections at Brysdales which has helped us improve the quality of our deliverables. The flexibility of the software and additional bespoke outputs XLS have developed for us have not only increased efficiencies on site and reporting but have enabled us to develop a robust internal system that utilises the software as a base for all post inspection requirements. The customer service provided by XlsDesign for both development and support have been exceptional."​

Chris Crook BSc (Hons)
S.A.R.I (SEMA Approved Rack Inspector)
Inspection & Training Manager

Excel and VBA coding solutions

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