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Trigonometry Form (free)

Solve Right Angled and Oblique Triangles with this handy little Form.


This Form has been constructed using Excel 2010. Even if you know little or nothing about Excel, using the Form is as easy as clicking buttons.


The Form has various options such as
1) Checking your screen resolution and Windows display size as this affects the way the Form is displayed.
2) Ability to rotate the right angled triangle. This can help you visualize which side and angle corresponds to the solution you require.

Trigonometry Ribbon
Oblique Triangle
Right Angled Triangle
Right Angled Triangle Rotated
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Trig Worksheet Formulas

Trigonometry Worksheet Formulas (free)

Excel Workbook, with 21 formulas to Solve Right Angled Triangles.


Excel uses Radians, not Degrees to perform its calculations.

if we want to work in Degrees then we need to convert these to Radians first.

Excel has 2 built in functions to convert between them. (DEGREES) and (RADIANS).

You can download my workbook below which has 21 different formulas to solve a right angled triangle.

Excel WorkSheet Triangle
Excel Trigonometry Formulas
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Trigonometry User Defined Functions (free)

Excel Workbook, with 20 UDF's to Solve Right Angled Triangles.


This assumes that you have an understanding of Excel VBA.

The Workbook contains an image of a triangle to give you a reference of the sides and angles used in the UDF's.

The VBA .bas file is not protected and can be exported into other Workbooks.

Trig UDF

Excel and VBA coding solutions

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