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Working in the Metal industry and sole trading as an Excel Developer

I have been working in the Metal Industry for over 32 years. With any industry as time goes by procedures change as new technologies are invented. Using CNC machines (Computer Numerically Controlled) opened my eyes to the power of computers.


This prompted me to improve my skills. So in 2002 I studied for and obtained the Microsoft Office Specialist Master Certificate.

I soon decided that Excel was the program for me, allowing me to perform calculations and construct different formulas to enable accurate fabrication of the bespoke jobs that are designed by the company I work for. To obtain more functionality from Excel I started to teach myself the Excel macro language VBA. Due to the extensive and complex nature of VBA code, this learning process is ongoing as I continually refine my programming skills.

This led me to expand my skill set and apply my knowledge to other software. As drawings are a common part of my industry, I decided to teach myself how to use AutoCAD and obtained a City & Guilds qualification in 2D Computer Aided Design in 2007. AutoCAD has the ability to read a Script file (set of text instructions) which is great when combined with Excel.


My normal work flow is using Excel VBA to create a Form. The information from the form can then have the appropriate calculations applied and via VBA I can either create a Script file or transfer the information to the Windows clipboard. This can then be transferred to AutoCAD as I now have a set of instructions thus allowing AutoCAD to automatically draw my object.


Although I can create drawings in AutoCAD my main focus is on constructing programs using Excel VBA.


  • Spreadsheet Design

  • Stock Control

  • Forms

  • Lookup Tables


  • Enhance/Improve Existing Spreadsheets

  • Add functionality to your spreadsheets

  • Improve user input to speed up data entry

  • Automatically import data


  • Bespoke Software Using VBA

  • Bespoke software design, development & training

  • Combine with other MS Office Programs (e.g. Word to produce reports)

  • Automate report production


The Site Notes Program and Downloads section on this website has a few examples of my work. 

Whatever your requirements, an initial consultation will cost you nothing and will not obligate you in any way. If you would like to find out more, please 

Contact Me

Excel and VBA coding solutions

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