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Notes Form (7 day trial)

This Form has been constructed using Excel 2010. Even if you know little or nothing about Excel, using the Form is as easy as clicking buttons.


The Form has been designed with the ability to store text information and then to retrieve your information quickly.

To retrieve this information quickly the Form uses 2 Menus.

The Main Menu is the equivalent of a folder and the Sub Menu would be the files in the folder.

Each file has 2 fields that allow you to store text. They are labelled Save Description and Save Notes


There are many situations where you would find this Form useful. This could be either on a personal level or in a work environment.


On a personal level it may be to record the following: Usernames and Passwords for all of the websites you visit, Details of all your major purchases (useful for a home contents insurance claim), Personal details for your car like maintenance, repairs, tax, mot and insurance.

In a work environment you might use the Form to record customer details or job numbers.



1) In the Main Menu you create a record named “Car Insurance”
2) In the Sub Menu you create several records. One for each year…say (2017 to 2018)
3) You can then enter information in the Save Description and Save Notes boxes
When you then look back on previous years you can then see if you are getting a good deal or your insurance is going through the roof


The Form has various options such as

1) Checking your screen resolution and Windows display size

2) Cut

3) Copy

4) Paste

5) Change font size

6) Disable or enable related message box’s

7) Ability to create, rename or delete an item

Excel Notes Form Main Menu
XlsDesign Notes Form Ribbon
Excel Notes Form Sub Menu
Excel Notes Form Message Box Options
Excel Notes Form Description Menu
Excel Notes Form Notes Menu
Click main Image to Enlarge

Purchase the full version.


Upon payment the file will be sent to your PayPal email address within 24hrs

IMPORTANT: Only purchase the software if you meet the following requirements.


The software requires you to have a Windows operating system (Windows 7 or later). It will not run on a Mac system


You must have Microsoft Excel 2010 (or later)


Excel must also be able to run VBA macros.

Excel and VBA coding solutions

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